“McRay Vision”

Welcome to McRay Vision!

It’s not the first time we’ve met this way. We’ve just undergone a facelift since our first website launched in 2003.  Back then, this kind of online show-n-tell was unique; something still up for debate. And, so, we were simple then. But my portfolio of art expanded and I also ventured into the other nuances of my craft and the art industry, which fed our website healthily. I compare it to urban sprawl: To keep up with demand, you add on and add more until you burst at the seams, in an unseemly way.

Social media changed everything. So we did, too!

The new ericmcray.com is a hub, a place where you can indulge your passion or curiosity for art; and a place where you can get to know me and have access to me – all of me. Consider me an Art Maestro, using my brush as the smock-splattered artist, the art educator, the businessman, the philanthropist, the mentor, the husband, and Daddy of two.

This is also the place where you can shop and learn; inventory and purchase my original paintings, drawings and collages; collect limited and open edition prints of my work; and shop Eric McRay Collection merchandise.

We make it easy – and fun. Check out these highlights:

  • The Collector’s Gallery: A front-page palette of Eric McRay art collectors and their art.
  • Schedules of upcoming workshops and classes, and ways to schedule private art instruction.
  • Sign up for my online newsletter to stay plugged in to the art scene in Raleigh – and beyond.
  • Make art purchases online or through your mobile device.
  • Feel secure in electronic transactions through the reputable company, PayPal.
  • Find out how to get a commissioned – yes, personalized! – Eric McRay painting or print.
  • View YouTube channel videos, including upcoming videos of me painting and hosting “fireside chats,” tailored to art enthusiasts.

My webmaster, Charlie Harper of WooshData, has built my vision of a website that will give you plenty of reasons to come back again and again and again.

“If you order a painting from Eric, you’re going to get a great painting from Eric,” he told one writer. “And once you buy a McRay, you become part of a community of McRay owners.

“It’s a McRay Experience.”

It’s true. Art is my passion. You’re my reason.

See you soon!  McRay